Sunday, November 09, 2008

Look what I found . . .

I was surfing around today and came across two new blogs that are so cook I want to share them with you. The first one is a christian mom who has alot of cool ideas for Christmas, check out or check out my links at the right.

The second one is a cooking site where a lady made a new years resolution back in January of this year to use her crock pot every day! How cool is that? I have no idea how I missed this before, but check her out at or my links at the right. She even made it on to the Rachael Ray show back in July. Now this blog has really got my wheels turning and making me wonder what I can do with this info? I just got gifted a (new to me) bread machine. That makes two, and I usually go through about two a year. I also have my eye on one at the local consignment shop. Wouldn't it be a thing of beauty to have all three on my kitchen counter going at once? Or maybe a crock pot, got 3 of those too, and a bread machine going together everyday on my kitchen counter? Hmmmmmmmm . . . .

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Beth Ann~ Thanks for the "shout out"! I'm enjoying your blog, too!

(And, I agree that the crockpot lady has inspired me to cook more at home these days!)

Blessings on your week!