Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful Bean Booty

I am so a nerd. I am so jazzed about our garden. Here is a pick of the beans we picked last night - "Roll that beautiful bean footage!". Awesome right?!? I planted both wax (yellow) and Kentucky Kings (green). After cleaning them, snapping them and blanching them; whew, I had 17 1/4 oz. LOL Still, their our own beans and there is plenty more where they came from. Our tomatoes are doing so good that strangers are coming up to our door to ask about them. I think the cucumbers are almost ready also. Last year was a bust on cuc's, so this year went with the bush variety instead. I also paid a little more and ordered everything from Burpee, can definitely see the difference this year. The peppers are getting there but have about 3 banana peppers to pick already. I planted some bottle neck gourds to do crafts with, but not many of them germinated. On the other hand, I planted ornamental gourds last year and bunch of them came up this year as volunteers. Weird huh? Next year I think I may try beets and some summer squash and zucchini. Anything I can blanch/freeze I am great with, it's the pickling thing that gets me. I may try making pickles when the cuc's are ready but it seems time consuming to say the least and a tad over whelming, not to mention the jar/lid/seal investment. Sigh, what is a gardener to do?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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