Thursday, June 11, 2009


It has been a few days since I have posted. My only explanation or is it defense, is that it has been crazy around here. I finished working at the church on Tuesday and promptly got sick. I have been feeling poorly for the past two days and believe it is a combo of heat and bad diet. While cooking for others I felt to busy, hot and tired to keep my eyes on what I ate. Not to mention that it is getting closer to payday and that means the cupboards are bare. So we have settled for some convince foods to get us through. Been two months since any child support has come, little as that is, but that would help. Anyway, got a big crock pot of chili going right now and some zucchini bread in the oven. There goes the rest of my energy for the day . . . I do still have my WW meeting to get to tonight, hope I feel up to it. I was down another 2/10 last week. I just keep nickle and dimming it . . .
Ran the kids into the library today for their summer reading program. We missed it last week, and like to go early anyway to avoid all the chaos. Twin son has some real mild SI (sensory integration disorder - can't stand loud nosies and needs to feel textures, ect.) so it's best to beat the crowds. While we were there a severe thunderstorm broke lose (had no idea we were even under an advisory) and a tree limb (big one) feel on a ladies car in the parking lot. Lot's of action. Came home and saw that our neighbors tree had split in half and had missed landing on his car and fence by mere inches. Only thing in our yard to get a beating was the garden, but think it will bounce back. At the very worst we lost maybe 3 bean plants and a bottle neck gourd vine.
Well only 6 more days until my oldest daughter arrives, late at night, counting today. Can you tell we are excited? I see her once a year if I am lucky and the children miss her sooo much as well. Words can't even describe how I am feeling about her visit. Oldest son is acting up alot recently and we feel it is over some anger issues with his birth father, so we are hoping it will help to see his big sis and share some of the pain. I love my kids and am soooooo excited about this visit!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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