Monday, June 01, 2009

Random info ~

I meant to post this yesterday . . . you know how that goes. Yesterday we had a "low country boil" in celebration of our twins birthday. If your not familiar with a "boil" it's a bit like a clam bake/or boil, depending on your mod as operand : ) It originates in the low country, coastal South Carolina and there abouts. Traditionally you do this on the beach, we used our pool deck and many palm tree decorations from the $Tree, felt like we were right there! LOL YOu bring a huge pot of water to boil (DH used his turkey fryer) and some pickling spice, then toss in what you like , again traditionally sea food. We had some red potatoes, corn on the cob, crab legs, shrimp and smoked sausage. Oh and don't forget to add the Old Bay Seasoning. It turned out perfect! You drain it and pour the whole kit-an-caboodle out on some newspaper to absorb the liquid. My friend had brought a big crock of home made bake beans and hummus. I had made a giant salad, home made lemon Ade and threw in a watermelon. A day to remember for sure. We had about 24 people over (thought the deck might not make it), and the kids played in the pool and on our giant swing/fort set. Besides our twins there was another birthday boy there, so there were two cakes! Yes, count them two cakes! But his Grandpa (who is younger than me) ate half of it - LOL But there was plenty of vanilla ice cream orange sherbet swirl - YUM. It was much fun, but the clean up, well . . . not fun. : ) Glad it only happens a couple times a year, and when Whole Foods has sea food and watermelon on sale the same week!
Now speaking of all that food . . . aye ca rumba! I ran into my WW meeting last week, just to discover it was sign up time again - so had to write them a ten week check. I weighed in and was down 4/10 of a pound? How does this .4 work? Did they devise the digital thing to keep fat old ladies from rioting when they lost nothing on a regular scale? Just saying . . .
So my first ten week WW total loss is 13.4, or 13 and a half boxes of butter quarters. Must be working, noticed my rings fit better as I got ready for church yesterday.
Other randomness I learned this past week: My oldest son (16) has lie 8 hairs on his chin and one of them is a curly red hair that is like 2 inches long - LOL DS does NOT have red hair, but I do! : )
Oh, and most people in Bentwood are snobs. Other than that, not much else.
Will do the grocery thing and shopping thing later.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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