Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wanted to share this photo essay of our black cat, Joe. He adopted us about a year ago, and didn't commit himself fully until about mid October, when it got to chilly to sleep comfortably outside apparently - LOL Since then, well I can't really remember NOT having him. He is fiercely independent and his only furry friend is our white cat, Tina. My husband has claimed him as his cat, not sure Joe knows this. Joe does not appreciate our dogs, especially the healer, and enjoys teasing the crippled mini doxin - yea, he's that kind of cat. So to avoid the big dog, or our fury at his treatment of the little one . . .

Joe has taken to new heights, the top of the kitchen cabinets to be exact.

Many times we don't even realize he is up there until he sneezes (no I don't dust up there, well . . . anywhere else either - LOL )

From this vantage point he can survey his domain (and the damage he has wreaked)
Ah, the sleep of the convicted (in more than one sense).

That in a nut shell is Joe. His other favorite activities are: sleeping until approx 4 a.m. and then wanting to play. He will jump up on your chest/shoulder, depending on how you sleep, and patting your face until you wake up. He is also an avid bird hunter and has started an outreach program for other inner city cats, teaching them how to catch birds. Joe has brought home everything from a hummer (bad Joe) to a starling (good Joe) and leaves them (well their feathers) on our door mat. Apparently this is not a sign of the feline Mafia (ala Godfather and horse heads) but a sign that he like us; really, really likes us - according to my husband. So we take Joe with the good and the bad, since he babysits our narcoleptic cat who is younger and stupid, we appreciate him just the way he is.


Blessings, Beth Ann

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