Friday, June 26, 2009

still here

Just a quick check in. My oldest DD and her entourage arrived Monday, about 5 a.m. YIKES! LOL Since then it has been complete and utter chaos, but loving every moment of it. So far we have spent many hours in the pool, good thing since today is like 99 here - zoinks! Wednesday I ended up cooking for our church dinner. One of our church members was in a severe car accident and her grandma was the cook for the night, but was needed to step in and take care of our injure member and her 8 month old baby. I brought all my kids, including oldest DD, her kids and her friend that is traveling with them. They all helped me cook. With one church member falling off the roof and now another in a car accident . . . well lets just say I am watching myself and my family. Lost twin DD Wed. night, but that ended OK. Yesterday we went to the Discovery Center, those pic's coming soon, and tonight is the drive - in movies to see UP!

Here are a couple pic's of my grandson to hold you over. J with a huge smile and a sippy cup of chocolate milk, what more can one ask for? J with his grandpa K and Uncle E building a marble tower.
Will keep all posted.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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