Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life is a Yurt

yurt [yurt](plural yurts) n Asian tent:

a collapsible circular tent of skins stretched over a pole frame, originally used by Central Asian nomadic peoples and now used more widely
[Late 18th century. Via Russian yurta from, ultimately, Turkic jurt .]Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

This past Sunday we went to a cook-out at one of our church members . . . homes? Yard? Mountain? Yurt? Yea, yurt. Several families went. Despite being invited before, this was still our first time. Interesting. Why does our British friend live in a yurt on the side of a mountain? Well he is used to it and loves it. In his youth he traveled all over Britain, Africa,and Europe giving land tours and that is how they lived.

The fellowship was good and the children had a blast. When asked their favorite part of the picnic however I was surprised to hear 'chips'. I thought for sure it would be horses. Some friends from down the lane brought their horses over and gave the kids rides. All the kids enjoyed it, especially our youngest twin daughter. However despite now declaring himself a "cowboy", I guess our twin son enjoyed the "chips" more, an almost forbidden food at our house - LOL

Here is our host . . .

Here is our cowboy, with the Yurt behind him

Here is twin daughter on like her third ride : )

Middle daughter had a wonderful time too and wished she could do it more often

Oldest son surprised us, we didn't know he was so good a riding. Good thing since he has decided that when he goes to Vet. college, he will be specializing in large animal husbandry.
Only thing missing was oldest daughter and grand kids, but they will be here late tonight or early in the a.m. What wonderful blessings I have.
Beth Ann

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