Sunday, June 28, 2009

Early ending

My daughter and her family left yesterday in a rush, putting an early ending on their visit. She received word that her husband had been injured at work and was in the hospital. He had a blood clot on his brain and needed surgery. Since then she has called to let me know that all went well and he should be able to come home by Wednesday. I have been praying and can't even imagine the feeling of being four states away while your husband is having brain surgery. My daughter is a very brave women and I am proud of her. Here are some more photo's of their visit. These are from the Discovery Center in Murfree Springs.

Here is dd and grandson playing on the excavator.

Grandson loved this so much he didn't want anyone else to play on it.

Here is twin dd playing on a crane.

Grandson's big sister had to give the crane ago as well.

Oldest son also on the big red crane.

Lastly, here is oldest dd on the crane, what a popular gadget!
We did get to take all the kids and grandchildren to the drive-in movie's and saw "UP". It was a totally awesome movie and I can't wait to buy it! We don't buy many, but this one is a must. We also got treated to a spectacular lightening show as we waited for the movie to start. When the rain came it didn't last long and we just moved into the back of our Durango and dd's van, when it ended out came the camping chairs again. It has been so hot and muggy here that no one wanted to stay in the cars, we were not alone, many a lawn chair was spotted at the drive-in that night - LOL
Keep all in your prayers and blessings, Beth Ann

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