Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nut Shell

It has been brought to my attention that while friends and family are glad for the updates on my oldest son's health, they are left feeling confused and overwhelmed with the information. Sorry, not much more I can say besides that. So I have decided to try and put his health issues in a nut shell, so it will be more easily digested by all.

Back in February my son became deathly ill. He was first diagnosed with tonsillitis and then mono. Then anything that could go wrong did, including the release of some nasty secondary infections when the puss bag (the size of a fist) was removed from behind his tonsills via emergency surgery. Basically his immune system was compromised and then essential wiped out when he had his blood transfusions, due to bleeding out. He is now totally recovered from the surgery, yea! And doing better everyday with his chronic pains that he developed due to the Barr Epstein Virus (mono).

This is what we have learned by doing our own research and trials. More than likely DS was boarder line hypoglycemic to begin with, then due to the illness the situation became life and death - litterly. Then with no immune system, his body was no longer able to fight off four very common food allergies. Every time he ate these foods, and they are in everything, he would experience chronic pain. So with the use of an elimination and rotation diet we have discovered what food allergies he has and what to avoid. He has a yeast allergy (common with hypoglycemia), which also means no fermented food such as vinegar and anything containing vinegar - i.e. ketchup, mayo, ect.
He also has a wheat allergy, so we follow a gluten -free diet, he does well with brown rice products, and cashew or white bean substitutions.
He also has a dairy allergy, so no casein. Again, we use rice milk in very small quantise.
Lastly, he is not to have sugar in any way shape or form, including honey or aspartame - even splenda. Only stevia.
Ice water and caffeine free herb tea are the only safe beverages.

We are all adjusting. Some days are better than others and yes he trys to get food he isn't suppose to have - he's a teen! LOL But he is also learning there is a price to pay later if he eats the sugar/allergy food of your choice here now. Guess that is part of growing up.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate if more questions accrue.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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