Friday, February 15, 2008


I know this seems out of sync here, but I am a little slow with the pictures on my camera (my camera phone is different). It seems to take me forever to use all the film up! ~ LOL I have just now got all my pics of South Carolina back. I will break them up over a couple of blogs to share with friends and family. I figure I will get them all posted in time to go again this year! :)

Every year we go, my ds looks forword to the crabs. Now I make the best crab soup I have ever tasted. Does my son catch enough for dinner? No! He is totaly into the catch and release deal. He can't stand to see any animal hurt or injured. The mens bible study group at our church were doing a unit using hunt as a way to reach some men. My son went twice, but just couldn't stand the whole idea of it all. Guess that will make him an excellent Vet in a few years. Anyway, here is my oldest ds hunting the elusive blue crab and a pic of my dh taking a camera phone pic to send home. There are a couple dozen varieties of crab along the coast. My son has also gotten some horse shoe crab and ghost crab. But it is the fiddler crab you have to look out for. They are the size of a half dollar piece and will come out of the salt marsh (behind my son in pic) and get into your shoes if you leave them outside and your wood pile. We found this out the hard way, and it only took once for us to learn to shake our shoes ~ LOL
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Cool Crabs!

Hey, my email addy is in my profile...Drop me a note. There's a store coming near you as well!