Saturday, February 09, 2008

Whats for dinner this week?

I was trying to do a funny parody of the Capitol One TV commercials, "whats in your wallet", with my title. Think I feel short. Oh well.

Sat: Pizza w/salad

Sun: Oven baked chicken w/ garlic & rosemarry roasted potatoes and brocolli

Mon: Mexican nachos with all the trimmings

Tue: Crockpot meatloaf with mashed potatoes and carrots

Wed: Church/Moms night off

Thur: (Valentines day) Soup of the week ~ white chicken chili w/ home made garlic and cheese biscuts. Also a heart shaped cake w/cream cheese frosting.

Fri: Pasta for the kiddies, spagehtti. Mom and Dad are going out on a late V-day dinner date :)

Other cooking for the week includes, but not limited too... Sugar cookies for the home school co-op V-day party and also for the Teen Library meeting; both my oldest ds and middle dd are members of that. So two V-day parties in two days for them! Who said home school kids are deprived?

Also on the agenda tonight as we are out is my home made granola, and some banana bread for breakfast befor church tomorrow. I always freeze the leftover banana the twins don't eat, and it makes wonderful bread. Something about the freezing makes it much easier to mash the naners. Speaking of freezing, I had a friend tell me to try flash freezing orange sections, as a healthy replacment for juice/popcycles. They are wonderful!!! I will never go back. From now on we will only have frozen oranges to suck on, no corn syrup fortified consumer chemicals on a stick for us!

Also more apple sauce this week as well. I find it works out well to buy a 3lb. bag of red and green apples every two weeks when I shop(my kids are split down the middle, 2 enjoy red and 2 enjoy green). That gives us plenty to snack on during the next 11 days. Day 12 the remainder and yes I also save uneated apples from the twins that were cored and sliced,gets made into the best apple sauce on the face of the planet. Day 13 sees the slowe cooked applesauce served with pancakes for a wonderful lunch. On day 14 we start all over again.

So, whats on your menu?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Smylie said...

Would you share your recipe for crockpot meatloaf?
That sounds easy and yummy