Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tax time

A windy greeting from middle Tn. this fine Wendsday. We survived Super Tuesday and Super Twister Tuesday, as the media is calling it. We are so blessed to live here in Cannon Co. Due to the geography of the land, most "bad" weather tends to skirt us. Last night there were over 70 funnels reported through the south, with almost 40 in the northwest of this state. Yet all we saw at our home stead was a brief, sevier T-storm. Today the high winds continue with advisories in affect, but letour thoughts and prayers be with the families of those who suffered loss last night.

Mostly the weather has been wonderful here, unseasonably warm. Yesterday during lunch, a friend turned to me and said,"today would be a wonderful day to go camping". She is another caming nut like me, and she was right - if you overlooked the tornado warnings. It was 70, and our thoughts were definatly not on school or the kids we were supervising. Now with all that said, camping takes gas for our RV - YIKES!!! Our last big trip was the 1st of Nov. 2007, our annual South Carolina vacation. Then the holidays were upon us, then some cooler weather. Due to gas prices, we again will only take one big trip this year. You guessed it! Edisto Island, South Carolina. We are soooo crazy about that place. And I swear I will find a use for the ten thousand sea shells we bring back each year, along with random horseshow crabs, ghost crabs, and other sea life! We will take smaller ones during the year, like Chattanooga yet this month, but we will watch the gas needle. Which brings me to todays topic, wondered when I would get there huh, taxes and what to do with the returns. We are filing ours tomorrow, and will be able to plan what we can accomplish. We tend to get a good size one every year, due to being poor and having to many kids. So we have a good basic idea what we are working with. First thing - Filling Minnie Winnie up, $200 (probably last time before trip in Oct.). Next, making reservations for our Edisto Island trip. Third, fencing in the cat walk around our pool and installing a new gate to keep kids and animals safe. We have a beautiful above ground pool, that is completly decked in and atatched to our screened in sun porch. Now it the time to add the fencing, for safty, and add privicy from our new....neighbors. After all that I am afraid it all goes to bills. Actually could use all of it on bills, but somethings have to be done. We bought our house almost six years ago, and are in the last stages of remodoling it. Our next big thing will be to knock down our exsisting, freestanding, garage and replace it with a new two car garage with an 950 sq. ft. apartment above it. That way we can stop using our RV for our guest house, and my oldest ds will have his own place when he goes off to colleg in four years.

So, what are your plans with your tax money?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Carol said...

Tax refunds! Yeah! I am a CPA and am busy doing tax returns now and prefer giving refund news rather than "you owe the IRS" news. But I also counsel my clients to plan better and not aim for a large refund. Its better that it be in *your* hands all year, not your Uncle Sam's!

BTW, don't forget the economic stimulus checks coming this summer also! I advise my clients to SAVE those checks and NOT spend them as the President wants you to!

Carol Topp, CPA