Monday, February 18, 2008

crabby...part II

I would like a show of hands please, how many of you out there have kids that make you crabby? ... (humming theam from Jeapordy...) Praise the LORD!!! I was sure I was the only one (mow weeping quietly). Okay, I actualy feel better for just getting that out there.

We have been fighting the yuckies here over the week-end. It hit all three of my guys. Do you know how guys get when they are sick? Thats right, thats why only women have babies. Now picture three of them ranging in age from 3-15-40, acting that way. Getting a better picture here? Now picture another 3 yr. old and an 11 year old totaly taking advantage of this with mom. Finely, picture poor old mom trying to keep it all together, and not succeding. I really hate myself when I lose it. I try real hard to hold it together, but when I blow... whatch out below!!! Then they all walk around with a look on their faces like, "where did that come from?". Grrrrrrrrrrr

Okay, so by now you have figured out that we are talking the other kind of crabby. LOL Someone please tell me I am not alone in this and that I have a right to feel... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Big sigh. Thanks for letting me vent, needed to unload on someone who cared ~ LOL And if it isn't you, I ment the other person who read my blog today.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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