Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to make the government mad...

... stay healthy and don't give them your money buy caving in to the scare tacktics employed by health care insurance companies!

We don't really do new year resalutions around here, but back before the holidays we realized we needed to make some changes; in so many ways. So we decided that the new year would be our springing board to try to implament them. We are doing so slowly, which I guess is the best way over all. First change was our food budget,and the quality of the food we eat. Many times over the past several years I have tried to maintain a healthy diet, mostly to be derailed by escalating food prices. Then after the twins were born, convience food became more of a staple than I am willing to admit to. So after much research into what is best and fits our life style, coupled with much encouragement from my friends, we are now mainly eating whole foods, and NO processed food, NO corn syrup, NO artifical sweetners and NO MSG. Occasionaly there is a slip, but we do our best. I've mentioned before that it is more labor intensive making everything from scratch, but the quality of the food is unsurpassed! I have also noticed that it sticks with you and fills you up.

Our next change is health insurance. When my dh changed jobs last year we lost our health coverage. That was so scary for me. Especialy after you consider what we had to pay for having the twins, with insurance at the time! But with God's help we made it through the year with out nary a doc visit. The few things we needed we paid for out of our own pocket, only God knows how. So with my dh year anniverary he now may enroll in the company plan. He called me in the middle of a minor corinary infarction when he learned the monthly price of this privledge. If we are only treading water now, how can we shell out that much each month? Well I started hyperventalating myself when he shared the good news. Our house was not a good place to be that day. As always, the next morning we were calmed down enough to come up with a game plan. Step one, google and research comprable coverage. Okay, so they aren't guaging us. Step two, how much do we really need? This is the part where they really try to con you. After much studying what it boils down to is that all the plans cost the same in the end with about the same amount of coverage, only difference is how fast you want to give them your money. My dh keeps yelling, "Canada". We have almost resigned ourselves to the enevitable, how much are you willing to gamble on you or your families health. Which brings me to step three and how it now conviently ties into step two. The best way to stick it to the health companies and to keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket, is to stay as healthy as possiable!

About ten years ago I was on a similar campagine with my health. I did great! Best shape of my life. Then the twins came. In my mind, right or wrong, many things are labled B.T. (before twins) and A.T. (after twins). It was a hard and high risk pregnancy. My body went to heck in a hand basket in many ways, one being gaining back all the weight I had lost before, plus some. My dh is a sympathetic eater and munched right along with me. You know how some people are blaming places like "McDonalds" for making them fat? I am blaming "Sonic". We don't have that chain up north, and I have never tasted such delicious fried food in my life! Not to mention their "Sonic Blast", so much better than a DQ Flurry. I am soooo in love with thier Extream Tots, tater tots covered in chili cheese, onions, ranch and jalapeno's! Anyway... We have known for almost 4 years we need to make changes, and have tried several things half heartedly. It was hard for me since I have always suffered from low selfesteam, and then I had two years of post partum depression with the twins. I had felt like space aliens had taken me over when I was pregnant, and continued to feel that way afterwords. But with two years of my dh unyielding love and support and my growing dependence and faith in God, we made it through. Now we are ready to take action!

We are going back to what works. Watching what we eat, counting points if you will (like wieght watchers) and a slow increase in daily activity. Just having a plan makes me feel impowered and less like a victem feeling sorry for herself. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Amy said...

You crack me up, girl. Yes, having a plan makes things much easier and better. If only we had a plan for bringing J home.