Saturday, February 23, 2008

Potty Power!!!

The other title I had picked out for this entry was, "How to go quietly insane in the middle of a store... go underwear shopping for six people, of 5 different age groups! So that is what I did yesterday ~ LOL Glad to see I am laughing today, wasn't yesterday. Was like something out of a sitcom. I am trying to buy underwear for myself. I have one of the twins in a cart with me, yanking skivvies off hangers. I have dd trying to convince me she needs a bigger bra size. I have ds trying to get me to buy him new scrubs, asking "does this look girlie to you". And I have dh with other twin behind me asking me about the fiber content on a couple of shirts he wants to buy. Alas, I am use to this. For what ever reason, where ever I go people ask me anything and everything. I must look like I know something. I get asked about the health benefits of dried prunes at Kroger's. I get asked about the quality of hand cream at the F$M. I even got asked how to spell Patricia at the post office yesterday. The list could go on and on... I am just resigned to being in the know ~ LOL At least it is better than when I lived in this little town in northern MI, everyone there wanted to touch my hair. Long story.

Anyway, main reason of trip was to get the twins some undies and pull ups. I decided they were going to be potty trained if it killed me or not! Now wondering if I can make it to church tomorrow with two drippy, only half potty trained kids? It has been going pretty hit and miss, but still a little better the hoped for. I guess the best is the older kids have been helping, otherwise I would feel overwhelmed. I have b/g twins and girl twin picked princess undies. She was so excited that she slept with the unopened package last night! Then this morning she just held her pee so that her underwear wouldn't get dirty ~ LOL Then she switched over to going every 10 minutes to make sure :) My boy twin didn't quiet grasp the concept, but when he saw how much attention his twin got, he started to catch on. Now if only he could improve his timing...

Blessings, Beth Ann

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