Monday, February 25, 2008

Sad Day / whats for dinner this week

Yesterday was a sad, sad day in our house. A dear friend whom we had come to depend upon more and more over the past 18 months expired. I fear it was my pushing her to work, "just one more time". On the other hand, we had shared many hours of work together and after only one , five minute potty break with my DH, broke for good. A coincidence you say? Either way, I am out a bread machine! Her impact is already being felt in our daily routine. My ds is mourning the loss of fresh bagels and cinnamon rolls. I am personally concerned about pizza day and bread baking day, and my DH is wailing about replacements. My bff (lol) is lending me hers while I take applications and do back ground checks. On this sad note, we will ask: What are you having for dinner this week? Big sigh.

At our homestead ~

Sat: Pizza w/ salad

Sun: Oven baked Salisbury steaks w/mashed pot & gravy

Mon: Spaghetti w/ salad (mom in mourning, to tired to cook)

Tue: Mexican chicken casserole with home made salsa and tortilla chips

Wed: Church/moms night off

Thur: Wisconsin Beer soup w/bratwurst and raw veggies

Fri: Crock pot sausage and potatoes w/salad

Other cooking this week includes; Banana Bread, cherry bisscotti, home made whole wheat tortillas, ranch dressing, oil & vinegar dressing, salsa, cinnamon rolls and cream cheese frosting, croutons and anything else we run out of!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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