Sunday, March 02, 2008

In like a lamb

A warm 73 degrees greeting from us here in middle TN! I guess March is coming in like a lamb. Thank goodness, as February didn't end so well for us here at my homestead. Potty training has been tiring and is still going on. I figure if I can out wait them until their 18 then their on their own! ~ LOL Lets see, other news... My friend lent me her bread machine while I am trying to replace mine,it doesn't work any better than mine and she didn't remember this until after she lent it to me and I tried my first loaf. I called and she was like, "oh yeah. Now I remember why I don't use it", or something like that(slapping myself in the head here). Still not sure on the health care thing and had to make a special trip to doc last week, more on that in a moment, and had to use bill money to pay for it. Of course, even with in. we would have to pay out of pocket until deductible is meet and that might not happen if we stay healthy. Big Sigh. Okay here is the skinny on why I have been a bit down this week and haven't posted. My family and I have parted ways with our home school co-op, and in not a so nice way. It is a bit depressing to think these people call themselves Christians and yet the people in charge are morally challenged, lie and are hypocritical. With that said, I am trying to find closer this week and move ahead with what is best for the kids. We have started going back to the Discovery Center (hands on scenic center) and are looking to break off with a few other locale families. The up side is with gas going up we won't be doing that long drive, freeing up our cash for camping, which is a great family outing that incorporates all aspects of learning. I feel this is God's will, as I search back over events. It was truly fortuitous that my ds got hired into the animal clinic recently, a great way for God to teach him biology! God is working in our lives to help us make the most of what we have and looking out for us when we neglect to do so ourselves. Case in point, gas to the co-op. We were going broke making that trip every week and we were starting find that this semesters group of families didn't share our same belief system. God is helping us to hang onto our money for our own family time, and protecting us from worldly views, not christian values. This will all be important with the health care issue. Things are tight as is for us, but with health care deducted on top of this... Well saving on gas will be huge and when the new Zone opens in our sleepy town, DH won't have to commute to work! This could all save us close to $300 a month, the right amount to cover our insurance! Who said God doesn't provide? The trick is remembering that he gives us what we NEED, not what we WANT. That is huge.

Here are the two high points of the past week and the upcoming one as well. First I was disappointed that my women's groups at church had canceled their annual spring outing. It was the first one I could go on since the twins were born. But my bff has been looking on a get away just for us girls as soon as she found this out. Well we settled on a home schooling convention in Cincinnati Ohio. Not to long a drive from here and we will stop at the Hands on Creation Museum in Kentucky on our way. She is bringing her two dd's and I will bring my middle dd as well. My dd is soooo excited! I forget how tough it is for her, being the middle child and all. I am a little nervous leaving my dh and ds in charge for 3 days, but am looking forward to some adult company and faith affirmation on my schooling beliefs.

Secondly, we are going camping this week!!!!Yea!!!! First time this year. Last year we didn't get out hardly at all. We promised this year would be different. When we see how excited the kids are when we go, we know it is worth the time and effort. We will be going to Chattanooga to the Tennessee Aquarium, to make good on the membership we bought last summer when my oldest dd was here with my grandson. I bought my dh a magazine subscription to Trailer Life for his birthday this year, and they featured the TN. Aquarium in their top ten list. Cool huh? Think we will try the Atlanta Aquarium next. Not to far from us and is the worlds largest, housing 3 full grown Beluga Whales, including the oldest at 39 years old.

Well it is now up to 74 outside and the twins just got up from their nap. Think it is time to take them out and let them play our our play fort.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Please post a review of the campground you use... Okay?