Monday, March 17, 2008

Winter Princess Ball

Here they are, the pictures of my middle dd, going to the Lion's Club sponsored and much anticipated "Winter Princess Ball".

Here is B with a tiara she won at a cheerleader event, and the corsage that grandpa D brought her - her first one ever! I can not get over how grown up she is looking. I am about to start one of those, "seems like yesterday spiels...."

Here is B with a shawl from grandma S, to keep the winter chill (like 55 that day) at bay.

Now about these shows... B has very big feet, just like her mama. She has been wearing a woman's size for two years now. As soon as she found out that woman's size meant "high heels", there has been no piece and very little compromise. I still insist she wears flats, and she shows a maturity to match her shoe size by throwing fits to make her 3 year old sister proud. Anyway, here she is in silver, rhinestone - low heels - big sigh. Also of note, she is sporting her very first pair of nylons/pantyhose here. Where is my baby?

Finely, here is B with her grandpa D.
A very big thanks to D & S for all the times they have done grandparent duty, because they wanted to. We live so far away from our own families and many have passed that this a relationship my children might never have experienced. I know first hand how important it is for that unconditional love, as I grew up with no grandparents ( all had passed), no aunts or uncles or even a father. So lets all give a big hand to those in our lives who fill in the missing pieces. I myself fuss about D & S, but just like any daughter would ~ they are the parents I wish I'd had. I love my own mom, in a way I have made peace with, but kudos to S for telling me what she thinks and not trying to just be another "friend".
Blessings, Beth Ann

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