Monday, March 24, 2008

After Easter

Another Easter has come and gone. It was a nice day here. We did the basket and hide the egg thing, first time the twins really got into it. Then a nice service at church. Ever wonder why there are more people at church on holidays then just regular Sundays? Do they think God isn't paying attention? What are the implications of this? Am I the only one pondering this? Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Anyway, we then had our big meal for lunch. First time we have done this, and I must say I prefer this and wonder why I have never done this before in all my advanced years. Only reason we did so yesterday is because DH had to work. That's right, work. I know I shouldn't be shock since so many places stay open on holidays. I was surprised that 2 of the 3 stores in my tiny town were open though. I won't apologize for being disappointed in this and made sure not to go anywhere yesterday that would require someone having to be employed to serve my needs. My DH and I are trying to implement this on all Sundays, which is hard since he works almost all of them. But he does stick up for his Christian rights. Again not an easy thing to do. When he started he told them he couldn't work Sundays or Wed. Well then it changed when he needed Tue. off to teach guitar at the home school co-op. So now he works on Sunday's, but not until after church and lunch. Well I came unglued when I saw he worked Easter Sunday. I asked why, and he said they are only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Why I asked again, they told him because those are religious holidays!!!!!! Are they kidding? Anyway, I said he had to be here for one meal, either lunch or dinner. Usually he rushes through lunch after church to get there by one o'clock. I wasn't having any rushing on Easter. So he told them. Either he has a very nice boss or they sympathize with a DH who is whipped by his wife ~ LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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