Sunday, March 16, 2008

Menu for 3/15 ~ 3/21

Whats for dinner this week?

Sat: Pizza w/salad ( I made a 2lb. loaf of dough in my bread machine and then split it into 3 rounds. First pizza is a cheese one for twins and middle dd, second is pepperoni for oldest ds and the last is usually a specialty pizza for dh and myself. Last night it was a white pizza, made from a Weight Watcher recipe. Spinach, ricotta cheese and caramelized onion ~ yummy!

Sun: Country fried steak with potato and veggies. (Not very health, but friend gave me about 10lbs. of these patty things. So very budget friendly.)

Mon: Happy ST. Patricks Day!!!!!!!!!!!! I am about 80% Irish and love to celebrate this holiday, in a big (read food here) way~ LOL Breakfast - Green eggs and ham
Lunch = Green pancakes w/lime jello
Dinner - Corn beef and cabbage or as my grandpa called it, bubble and squeak (that's what you do after you eat it~ LOL) w/Irish soda bread and green cheese cake.

Tue: Crockpot pulled beef sandwiches w/salad (this is from last week as dh took me out to dinner on Friday last week)

Wed: Church/mom's night off

Thur: Baked chicken w/brown rice and steamed veggies

Fri: Hamburgers w/home made baked beans and veggie stixs

Last week, this week and if I am lucky the next few weeks will be pretty much what I have in my freezer. I have found out when my local stores mark their meat and other items down, and that is about all I buy anymore. Then I come home and make a meal out of them. Like yesterday I picked up two whole baking hens at half price each. I also grabbed about a dozen top sirloin steaks, packed in 1lb. packages and about a $1.25 each! This will make great stir fry or be available when we start having our pool parties and grill out. I am also trying to eat a more low carb diet, so protein is good. The week before, from the same store grabbed about a dozen 1lb. packages of ground burger for about $1 each! These are great in Taco salad, lasagna, meatloaf and just plain burgers. Took some camping, cooked it over the fire and it was the best! I suggest to anyone reading they might do the same. Wal-mart occasional marks things down, sometimes I get bratwurst there, but smaller , local stores are best. Get there either first thing in the morning (by 8 or so) or right before they close, for best selection. I find Saturday mornings are best for me, followed by Thursday mornings or Tuesday nights. This is how the trucks run down here and the dating of the meat goes in and out. We are blessed to have a chest freezer in our basement and keep items there.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Smylie said...

I just want to thank you. This may sound crazy, but you have helped me with my wkly dinner planning. Every wk I would sit with my grocery list and draw a blank as to what on earth I was going to make for dinner. Since finding your blog, but hitting the "next blog" button a million times, I have been able to add to my dinner list. The other night I made your meatloaf, which I have not made in years, and I am looking forward to trying my hand at saulsibury steak which I love, but have never tried to make on my own. So a HUGE thank you from a mom in CA.