Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aquarium II

Here we are, the end of our first camping trip/mini-vacation of the year. It has now officially taken me longer to blog it, than the trip lasted! LOL I am sitting here on the 12th day of March and it is 73 degrees outside, wow, and I remember the day these pictures were taken, that we came home to one of the biggest snowfall in years for TN. So in one weeks time we went from 74-75 degree weather, to snow and sledding, back to 73-74 degree weather. Is this what they call the circle of life? I don't hear any chanting African cartoon animals, so... nah. Anyway, when I lived in northern MI for over 30 years they always said, "If you don't like Michigan weather just wait ten minutes and it will change." Guess what they say in TN.? You guessed it, "If you don't like TN. weather just wait ten minutes and it will change." Suppose if I lived in...say California, they would say the same thing there? Hmmmmmm.

Here is my middle dd in the Ocean Cave of Secrets. I should also have taken a picture of the sign reminding us that there was 5 billion tons of water over our heads as we went through it!

Here is middle dd trying her hand, litterly, at catching butterflies in the butterfly habituate. See the black on almost on her finger.

Here is a whole dish of butterflies on a plate of fresh fruit. Why doesn't this work for me at home? Oh yeah! I don't have a captive audience.

Here is my twin son petting a sting ray in the petting pool. They were pretty aggressive. They would come up out of the water just to get petted. We had never seen this before. But again, it is usually packed and it is hard for the kids to get this close and spend as much time as the would like. Lets here it one more time for week day field trips and home schooling.

Here are the twins together, looking at the sting rays in the petting pool.

End of the cave, end of the aquarium, end of our vacation ~ end of our money! LOL Here is DH with twin dd, resting in a carpeted cove in the ocean cave. They are all pooped out, and only one of them will get a nap on the way home. Which one do you think?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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