Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patrick Day!!!

This is a big day for me and my family. I had to stress this numerous times yesterday. People down south just don't get into the Irish spirit much. Just as I was emphasising how important this day was for the umpteenth time, my mom called. My dh looked at me and said, "what does she want, she only calls like twice a year". I was like ~ Duh! She called because IT IS A BIG DEAL DAY to us! LOL So mom, thanks for calling at just the right time to emphasise my statement. He is right though, she usually only calls like on major holidays ~ maybe. So, see the significance now?

Our day started with green eggs and ham. This spurred a debate (everything does with my ds) over if that means the ham should be green as well. I confess, once confronted with the plate of green eggs in front of me, the idea was a little less appealing.

For lunch we had green waffles and lime jello. Simply because everyone likes waffles (except me) and ds loves to make them. I agreed since they were easy to color green! LOL

We ended the day with a traditional meal of corn beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread and green cheese cake. Here are my ds and dd, she is excited about the cheese cake and he is wondering if there is anything else left that his mother hasn't already colored green!
It was 75 at our house yesterday and we were please to be able to eat our Irish fare and drink our faux green beer outside on our screened in deck. It is truly days like that, that remind us of how blessed we are and how grateful we are for God bringing us down here and steeping us in the hospitality of the South.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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