Friday, March 21, 2008

Discovery Center

Today is Good Friday, and I was glad to see so many families out spending time together since there was no public school. At least that is what I am choosing to believe. Other choice was, since the kids had no school the parents didn't know what else to do with them.

On Friday's our local Discovery Center (hands on science center) does a "Fetch" science lab, based on the PBS show. Our kids love the show and the center. There is always something new there and something for everyone. Example: While ds is building a replica of a stone arch from Rome, twins are playing in a life size Brio train engine and dd working a real miniature crane .
Here is E in the art room putting all the colored corks in the board. Most people make pictures with the corks (like the tree someone left on the board), but to a 3 year old with OCD... all he can see are empty holes that have to be filled ~ now! LOL

Here is other E in the are room also , pretending to be Van Goat, I mean Van Goagh (to much baby Einstein) LOL

Here is B, also in the art room (spent almost an hour in there after science). She is using the tracing table and back light.

And here is Z. What more can I say, he was taking a break in the only place available as the center was so packed today. LOL
I am totally embarrassed to say I forget today was Good Friday, and there was no PS., until we arrived at the center. I asked the receptionist why they were soooooo busy today. Since we go almost every week we knew this was not the norm during ps time. Last week there were only 2 other families there besides ourselves. She is the one who informed me. So shame on me. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in our little world here, I forget there is another world out there.
Well we are coloring eggs tonight, one of our two concessions to somes take on the Easter holiday. But otherwise I will just nod and wish you all a Happy Resurrection Sabbath.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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