Sunday, March 09, 2008

First camping trip of the year!

We returned from our first camping trip of the year and couldn't have had a better time! Although we had no idea bad weather was coming our way. I mean it was 75 in Chattanooga, so who thought that when we pulled into our drive it would start to rain/sleet and then turn into one of the biggest snow falls in TN. Not us ~ LOL Just another of example of God watching out for us. We had planned to camp on lake Nickajack. DH had looked at two different locations and I thought had picked one. Well we got off the express way and he looked at the first one and said no. Then we got off at the next exit and he didn't like that either, but saw a little sign for a privet camp ground that was on like an island in the middle of the lake, with a view of the bridge that bisects the lake. So we trundled down there and finely stayed at Marion County Park, which was very wet and under some major landscaping. But it was almost empty and closer to real camping than an RV park, which is what we prefer. Here is a picture of our site with our Minnie Winnie all nestled in. See how close we are to the lake. Could have been closer, but chose to show caution with the twins in tow.

Here is a picture of one of my twins on the over the cab bunk. That is were my oldest ds makes his room. It allows him some privacy (when the curtain is pulled) and to be able to stay up reading after everyone else goes to sleep.

Here is my mini dachshund, Howard, in his special place. When at home we have a playpen (left over from the twins) to stay in because he is handicap. In the RV he has this bed between the captain chairs where you have to step down to get into the cab.

And this is our dixi cup tower! This is a running joke with us. On our maiden voyage my middle dd built a tower with the dixi cups in the camper bathroom. I didn't know it was her and was a little surprised when I saw it. I just shrugged and dismantled it. It reappeared. I dismantled it. This cycle repeated about 3 times, until I just gave up. Now this tower just appears sometime during the first day of every trip and we just let it go and get a good chuckle out of it!
Will post more on the trip tomorrow.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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