Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love in a cup

Here is my cup. Don't touch it! It is my favorite cup. It is from South Carolina. It broke. Had to get a new one last year. From South Carolina. I drink my coffee out of this cup every day (maybe I should take it with me on my trip?). Coffee doesn't taste the same in other cups. Silly? I bet each and everyone of you has a "cup." I was just pondering my cup while getting ready to blog this, and thought I would share this with you. To me this picture means so many things. Comfort. Warmth. Love. Memories. And much more. I will leave it home while I'm traveling to Cincinnati this week. Not sure how it would hold up in a mini van full of 3 pre-teen girls, two moms and more luggage than you can shake a stick at! Yes, it is a SAHM like me ~ LOL Stay at home mug that is! LOL See I have a different "cup" in our RV. I don't like her as much, but she is still a fine cup. I use to have a similar cup, but red with a panda on it from the Memphis zoo. It broke. Haven't been back to Memphis. Planning to go this year. So my white Gulf Shores Zoo cup has to fill in. (You may have seen this zoo on Animal Planet, "The little zoo that could.")
This was an ode to my "cup", my friend. Tell me about yours!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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