Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dinner this week

Greetings all! Back to the cooking grind stone now that camping is over for this month. But I was sure glad that I had cooked/made about 95% of everything ahead, including my home made graham crackers.

This weeks menu ~ 3/8 to 3/14

Sat: Pizza w/ salad

Sun: Grilled pork chops w/ Bohemian crab rice and veggie sticks

Mon: Split pea Soup (made with the ham bone from the picnic ham I bought for our camping trip) with garlic cheese biscuts and salad

Tue: Mexican garlic lime chicken(shredded into taco's) with Spanish rice

Wed: Church/mom's night off

Thur: Oven baked Salisbury steak with mashed potato and steamed veggies.

Fri: Crock pot pulled beef sandwiches w/ pineapple corn muffins and a salad

I know the categories are out of their typical order, but I had to make a few deviations here and there to use up some leftovers and what not.. Still the same game plan though, pick a meal from one category per a certain day... ex. Monday = Mexican, Tuesday = Crock pot meal, etc....

I have come across two new cook books and am in the process of implementing them into our routine. The first one is Women's Heart "All Heart Family Cookbook". It is from the American Heart Association. I checked mine out from the library but enjoying so much considering buying it. All kinds of healthy tips and recipes for people with health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. I suffer from the latter and it seems to be getting worse. I need to be more pro-active in helping myself. The answer is to not keep going to the doc and getting my pills up. This book is awesome with info to help. For example, the average daily intake of sodium for one adult around the age of 40 is 2,4oo mg. or 1 teaspoon! Also, both eating 1 raw clove of garlic a day and drinking an 8 oz. glass of low sodium tomato juice have both proven to help prevent blood clotting. There is so much more and every recipe with tell you how many heart heart healthy ingredients it is made of.

My second book is a little less serious, or is it???? "101 things to do with Ramen Noodles" by Toni Patrick. First I am sure your all thinking, Ramen Noodles, ewe they are nasty. Second thing you should be thinking is, Ramen Noodles, hey their cheap! That's right, and in this time of price increases every where it seems the only place to cut the budget is in the food dept. Now yes, they are unhealthy but I have been making my own version for about 6 months now (much to my middle dd dismay as she was addicted to the MSG) and they only cost about 5 cents more a serving and are a healthy source of fiber, omega 3, whole grains and are low in sodium. That's right, I use the reg. whole wheat, fortified spaghetti noodles with a tablespoon of low sodium, veggie broth powder that I get from a food co=op. So actually when you look at this book you should really read, "101 Things to do with any noodle". Cool huh? It really is just common sense, but sometimes we all need that boost ~ LoL There is also a book called, "101 Things to do with Tortilla shells", and that will most likely be my next purchase! I already make my own shells and they are cheap too! Unite with me to save money on our grocery bill and keep our money where it belongs, with us - not the grocery store/establishments! LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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