Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Greetings all. Just sitting here having a cup of coffee before getting ready for church, and feeling extremely glad that the day is almost over! I'm sure we have all had days like that!

I recently finished reading two books, back to back, that were well enough done that I thought I would suggest them to others. I read many books, but brag about few. Our local library is starting a book club the first of next month and asking everyone to bring a list of five books to share with others. These two will be on my list.

How Starbucks saved my life: by Michael Gates Gill

The first book, lets just call it Starbucks, is a wonderful true story about a gentleman in the Autumn of his life, learning to start over and that money isn't everything. I feel most will get something out of this book ~ a peek at the inside world of the coffee capital, a look at how rich people view the little people, identify with working retail or how sometimes your priorities change and a light goes off. This book left we happy, hopeful, feeling like I wanted to write my own book and oh yea... craving coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans! It was truly refreshing to read a book were the main character/author took full responsibility for his poor choices and learned to live with the repercussions.

Playing for pizza: by John Grisham

The second book , lets just call it pizza, is a great down on your luck turned good story. I usually don't enjoy Grisham books. Matter fact the only one of his I ever read all the way through and though was good was "Skipping Christmas". Later it was made into a Tim Allen movie called "Christmas with the Kranks". If you enjoyed that book, Christmas, than you most likely enjoy this book. Both escape his usual genre and have a fanciful air about it with enough humanism for us all to identify with. A down and out football player can only get hired in Italy and all the culture shock is grand fun. The in depth food descriptions left me drooling and looking for affair on Orbitz. As with the previous book, by the end our hero's life has been reprioaratized, but this book leaves plenty of questions for there to be a sequel if the author wishes. Also leaves alot of room for interpitation, a book clubs dream! This book left me feeling upbeat, hungry, wanting to visit Italy, and hoping the author keeps up the good work by breaking from his publicists mold every now and then.

There you have it two great books I recommend. My next big find is "Swine not: by Jimmy Buffett", yep - the singer. It is based on a true story. I think I will add that to my book club list. That will give me three out of five, I am torn over the rest. I am a huge fan of Donna Andrews, I always laugh out load at all her books and find myself wanting to read snatches of them out load to share with others. I also extremely enjoy Lillian Jackson Bruan, the wonderful lady that brings us the "Cat who........." series. Of course Robin Jones Gunn and Karen Kingsbury always deliver a great Christian based story with right on target life questions and group discussions. I also try to keep up with the Yada Yada Prayer group, book series as well as the Maggie Sefton knitting mysteries...................... Oh my, this could go on forever as I haven't even brought up my favorite caterer - Goldie, by Diane Mott Davidson.......................

Just visit your local library and share your finds with me and a friend, pass it along.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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