Saturday, May 24, 2008

Menu for Memorial Day and rest of week

Happy Memorial week-end all. I wish each and everyone of you a great holiday, filled with fun and faith. It's always a big deal here at our house since the twins were born Memorial Day week-end, 2004.
So let me share what we are serving up this gateway into to summer............
Saturday: Since we had pizza for lunch yesterday, as a treat after b-day shopping for twins, we will pick up a leftover meal from last week that we missed for various reasons.... Home made vegetable egg rolls (made with portabella mushrooms) and pasta primavera
Sunday: We will be having the twins b-day party today after church...Grilled turkey dogs and hamburgers w/chips, three bean salad, deviled eggs and cucumber salad. Cake and ice cream for dessert!
Monday: Orzo & wild rice salad w/ garden salad and roasted pork loin
Tuesday: Layered Mexican casserole w/rainbow pasta salad
Wednesday: Church/mom's night off (Is the twins real birthday and we will bring a home made carrot cake)
Thursday: Stir fry green beans w/ baked white fish and brown rice
Friday: Sesame Buffalo wings w/steamed cabbage and carrots
Other cooking for the week includes but is not limited too......... Home made graham crackers, home made tortillas, home made ranch salad dressing, dehydrated eggplant "bacon", home made sauerkraut and of course a birthday cake!!!
Whats cooking at your homestead this week?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Amy said...

Hi Beth, "tag", you're it. I tagged you for the "Meme game" if you want to play it. You can see my answers and get the rules for the game on my blog.