Saturday, May 03, 2008

Write a book?

Okay, here's the deal; all day long I have been thinking (feel free to interject obsessing here) about a comment a few different people have made to me. They tell me I should write a book. The last mention of this was about a week ago. Sometimes I hear a variation of this," your so funny you should do stand up". So I have spent all day thinking about this. Why? Maybe because I have just finished two great books in a row, will blog about them in a couple days, or more than likely I am feeling poor (like the rest of America) and feel this would be a great way to earn big bucks from home. I would still be able to home school, travel and not forget the little people (feel free to interject your name here). See, a win ~ win situation. So what would I write about? Would people want to hear about my childhood? It wasn't until I was in my late twenty's and in therapy with my oldest dd that I found out that I had come from this new fangled thing called a dysfunctional home. Lots of people do. Would they want to hear how I strove my whole life seeking perfection and acceptance from everyone I met to make up for the lack of attention at home? Once again many of you are saying, ditto. How about when I woke up in my early thirty's and decided I need to clean house and get a life? Maybe... Okay lets try this, uprooting my family, moving to TN and remarrying? Probably getting warmer here. I know, how about all the blunders a Yankee made at a small southern rural radio station. Hmmmmm think WKRP but with banjo music. Oh! Here is where it gets entertaining, how about when God thought it would be so cool to give an old crusty lady who really doesn't enjoy children...TWINS!!! I can hear you snickering out there. YES, YOU! Yes it is tons of fun around here since the twins arrived. Now that we are just wrapping up potty training the fun train rolls on. Do you think people want to hear that every time my twin son goes potty he forgets to put his pants back on. It is nothing to be walking through the house and see a little neckid (that is southern for naked) white butt run by or to walk into a room and see him on the couch scratching himself (guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). Or how about the conversation I had with my twin dd yesterday in the bathroom. She is sitting on the potty (with no insert because she is a big girl, something she lords over her twin brothers head) and I am sitting on the edge of the tub waiting to assist in any way I can, when she asks my why boys have bigger pee-pee's than girls. Anyone here wanna take this one?

Well I am still not sure about this writing thing or how to go about doing it, but here is what I am thinking for a title~ "Confessions of a home schooling, RVing, God fearing, OCD Mom!" What do you think? Please post if you have any advice here or just some smart comment. LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

well just reading your blog, I think you should write a book. Your life is very interesting. just wanted to drop aline and say me soon sorry i missed you. Your oldest dd