Friday, May 02, 2008

Enchanted April

Here is the first chance I have had to comment on my Women of Faith (women's church group) dinner and a movie. First let me just say it was absolutely MARVELOUS (using my best Billy Crystal voice)! It is not often I get out of the house with no kids or husband. Only about half the ladies signed up, so one of the women graciously allowed us to use her home. It was a much more relaxed atmosphere and we all relaxed and enjoyed some non church fellowship.

Here is a quick pic I took with my phone to show you how beautiful the table looked. It has been many moons since I sat down at a table with linen napkins, china and crystal. I felt like a Queen and no one spilled milk out of a plastic cup on me, or whined about their veggies..... well there was this one lady.......

After a wonderful meal, spaghetti to get us in the Italian mood for our movie, we had an awesome dessert with great coffee! We cleaned up, moved some chairs and settled into to watch a 1991 release called "Enchanted April". No big names, matter of fact the only name I recognized was Alfred Molina. It is set in a castle in Italy where four women from different backgrounds and at different cross roads of their lives spend the month of April, renting the castle. It was a cute movie I might have otherwise skipped over, and recommend it highly. Some of it's recurring themas were positive thinking, unselfish love, being a good help meet. After the movie, which came with popcorn ~ thanks S!, we had some group discussion on these topics. I think we all left feeling warmer towards each other, a little better understood and wanting to do it again!

Our fearless leader picked up this study guide at our local LIFEWAY store, I believe it is called Chicks dinner and a movie or something similar. If ya need to know, just post and I will get the info. Anyway, it listed 12 movies with corresponding meals to match the theme. Then you have a sign up and everyone brings an ingredient, which means you have the fun of watching your friends cook! Like I brought the pasta for our Italian get away. I personally try to be healthier, so I like the wheat pasta fortified with omega 3. It is denser and takes some getting use to, but it sticks with ya! Well no one else had ever had this, but they were game and all seemed to enjoy it. So that was cool, some of us got to try new things. Including one older lady said she had never had frozen garlic bread in foil before! Can you imagine? You live, you learn.

I give this night five stars * * * * * or an A++++++, either way I recommend it and hope you all get a chance real soon to fellowship.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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