Friday, May 16, 2008

Going Postal

I just wanted to share an experience I had recently with the post office and see if I am the only one who feels are government makes no sense and isn't here to serve us at all.

Last Friday I took a bunch of over sized envelopes , reg. mail and two boxes to the post office. Nothing out of the ordinary there. However I did find it a tad annoying that one of the reg. cards I was mailing, at least I thought it was reg. since I bought it with the other Mothers day cards, was weighed as well and was 17 cents more than reg. postage. I paid it with out saying a word. I made small talk to the guy behind the counter. He took my boxes and weighed them, asked about insurance and I paid him. End of story? Guess not, or we wouldn't be here! LOL

The next day I see a big headline telling me that postage stamps are going up, again. I moan over this as I have a bunch to use up and now have to buy one cent stamps. Oh well. But what really got me was the reason for the price hike listed in the article. I named a $7 million dollar loss of revenue as the cause, since more people are not using the post office any more. So I am thinking to myself, " and the pay to fix this is to hike prices and penalize us?" Anyway........... The following Tuesday the mail truck comes and returns one of my boxes, listing that it is undeliverable. That is all it says on the tag. I ponder this and double check the address, and triple check the address, Nope, it is correct. I never really doubted it to begin with. So DH takes the box back down to the post office asks for an explanation. They look at it and shrug. They have no idea why it didn't get mailed. But if we would like to try again they would be glad to send it for another $7. What? It never left our town, it never left a 4 block radius of my house! DH refuses and comes back home. He tells me and I am verrrrrrry unhappy about this. I mean I just do not, I mean do not have an extra $7 to mail this box again. I feel they should try again or refund our money. They next day DH goes down and talks to the post master. Again no dice. My DH feels if they can read the address well enough to take money from his wife, then it is good enough to be read and delivered. Post Master is now irritated that DH thinks the government only wants his money. He says, "the government is not in the business of making money", oh and he won't refund our money either. So right now the box is sitting here in limbo. I am thinking this is to funny. They lost $7 million dollars last year, so not only are they raising prices but stealing money from citizens as well. Yea, that's gonna make me want to use them more!

So Mike, if your reading this... Now you know what happened to your fathers day gift from the kids!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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