Monday, May 05, 2008

Old Stone Fort Camping

Here are some pictures from our camping trip last week at Old Stone Fort Campground in neighboring Coffee County (gotta love a place named coffee! )

First day it rained most the time, here is our fire smoldering in the middle of a muddy quagmire.

Here is my oldest ds sitting at our picnic table watching the rain . It is all part of camping.

Here is my DH sitting behind some lovely flowering tree that I found and picked while trying to "get more bars in more locations". We dug out some playing cards that included all fifty states, their capitals and a fun fact. Yes they were real playing cards and we played go-fish under our canopy. The other two cards to make up a pack of 52 we Washington DC and Purto Rico (US territory). Picked they up at the HS conference in OH. Kids had a blast. They love the uninterrupted time with no interruptions.

Here is youngest ds hamming it up for the camera. His big sister is behind him counting cards to make sure no one is cheating.

Here is middle dd cleaning up for lunch. DH is going to cook on his Coleman (right side of pic) and there is my Gulf Shores AL cup, mentioned in my coffee blog back in March.

Day two of trip was sunnier, but still muddy if you can tell. DH set up tripod to cook on but the kids commandeered it to dry shoes on over the fire! Here are my two sons Z and E.

Shoes on tripod over fire to dry. Whats for dinner at your house? LOL
Blessings, Beth

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