Monday, May 19, 2008


Just dropping a quick note today, to let everyone know we are alive. We have some virus thingy going around here ~ again. It hit me first, about 1:33 Sunday morning ~ man the pain. Took me down all day Sunday, glad Zach was home. Then last night, just when I thought , "ah, tonight I will sleep good", Breanna got it. So from about 3:30 this morning on, I was up with Bre. Again, the gut wrenching pain. Her legs were shaking so bad! It only seems to last about 24 hours, but I hope no one else gets it. All this and our toilet is broken to boot! We have had a pretty bad week, last week. You name something, it's broke. You name a bill, and it's due. You name a family member, their upset with us. So I guess in the grander scheme of things having a broken toilet while everyone is having the stomach flu isn't that big a deal.

Well it's a new week and DH has the day off. So he is fixing toilet as we speak. He also sold some car parts, so we won't get our utilities shut off this month. So it looks like things are starting to look up. Now, if I could just get some understanding from family on choices that have to be made. I will be praying, hope you do too.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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