Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Camping movies to get you in the mood!

Today I want to just do a brief mention of my top three picks of camping movies. There is something special and unique about each one and hopefully one to match each individuals personality. We always try to have a few movies with us in case of rain, maybe you might want to do the same and will consider one of these great movies.

My first pick is RV the movie, with Robin Williams. I am not a big fan in general of slap stick comedy and there is plenty here. If you enjoy Williams , you will enjoy the movie. The same can be said about RVing, if you enjoy it; you will find something in this movie to tickle your funny bone. They are first timers, so that in it's self is funny. One of my personal fav's is the scene where they find out raccoons are living in the RV oven. It then proceeds to show all the family running out of the RV, screaming of course, followed by four large furry raccoons. Now I don't know about your camper, but MINE won't hold a pizza pan let alone four adult raccoons! LOL By the end of the movie our hero is much put upon, his own fault, and bedraggled, again his own fault. And the movie manages to convey the message that family is a number one priority and maybe all those RV/trailers/campers on the road you see aren't fanatics after all. Maybe they already know what the rest of us just found out, camping in any form is a wonderful way to keep our families close, have fun and see the land we love.

My second pick isn't out in DVD form yet, but will be in the next six to eight weeks. The Ride of our Lives is a 12 part mini-series that I caught on NPT or PBS to the rest of us. It is currently out in Hardback, soft cover, CD and eBook forms just check your library or favorite book seller. I haven't read the book but seeing this autobiographical series on TV was heart warming for all of us with older loved ones. It is the true adventures of NBC corespondent Mike Leonard of the Today show and his trip cross country with his elderly parents. He rented two RV's, one for himself and his parents and one for three of his children who are his production team on this effort, and took his parents on their last trip cross America to see the site of their youth. Everyone will find something to identify with as the family dynamics are played out and the family races to get home in time for Mike's fourth child, a daughter, to give birth to their first grandchild. Again, they are first timers and there is a heart stopping scene where one of the children trash the rented Winnebago by taking a corner to sharp. There is Mike's moms fears of riding in the RV as it sways as big rigs go by. There is plenty of background info and pictures in typical Mike Leonard fashion as he voice overs the reasons his parents are the way they are. And don't all of us wish we know why our parents ticked? This is pulled of with so much laughter, dignity , tears and respect that it leaves you wanting more.

And finely, the old classic The Long Long Trailer with Lucy and Desi. This really had to be the first and still one of the best camping movies ever. Not much to say except a real winner. They play newlyweds, a stretch for them, and they deiced to pull a far to big trailer on a way to small car cross country so that she can be near him while he works. There are many funny scenes along the way including the learning to back in in screen and my favorite; she wants a memento from all the places they stop, so she picks a rock from every location. Well all that weight starts to add up and takes it toll as they try to climb the mountains! And don't miss the screen where Lucy tries to cook dinner while being towed down the road (been there / done that ) ~ hysterical!

Well I don't know about you, but all of a sudden I have an urge to dig out one of these movies and have a great family night, right at home! If you can't get away to camp this week=end, rent a fun camping movie!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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