Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day and Menus'

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a pleasant Mothers day and week-end. The weather here in middle TN certainly did it's share to enhance ours, although it was a bit blustery yesterday!

We had Grandpa D and Grandma S over last night to cap off our week-end and S asked me this question, "what did you get for Mother's Day?" This is after she rattled off a whole list of things she received via mail since her boys live far away. So I shared with her that I had a two part M-day. On Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market in Franklin with my bff. This couldn't have happened with out my oldest ds watching the twins after DH left for work at noon. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and also squeezed in Wild Oats and a few more stops. Sunday started with DH bringing me coffee upstairs while I got ready for church. He painted my toe nails for me while I sat to drink it. He then presented my with my engagement ring, which had been in for repairs and a cleaning. I so was not expecting it yesterday and the gesture was soooo sweet! After an awesome service on the best mother of all (Mary) my family took me out for lunch at the local hot spot. When we got home the kids had some trinkets for me and DH had gotten me the steel tortilla press I wanted from The World Market (making them by hand is killer). Oh an every year at church on M-day the give out flower flats, a six pack. I was so happy with my day. Then we had D and S over for dinner with a S bringing an Ice cream cake, what more is there to life - LOL So I was puzzled by here response to my answer. She seemed disappointed in the "stuff" I didn't get. So I meditated on this overnight. My first response was to become unhappy with my lack of stuff as well. Then I thought, wait a minute...... maybe she is just not used to being happy with the gift of time and people. They are older, so they never have to worry about finding alone time any more and since their children moved away along time ago, they HAVE to be content with just stuff in the mail. So now I feel a bit sad for S, but I know that just by having them share our evening with us made it more special for both of us!

Well the farmers market was great! Not great prices, but just alot of fun. Trying to eat healthy is really becoming a chore. But I am recommitting to eating a mostly raw/non processed food diet. I am striving for only about 15% of my daily food being cooked, usually dinner. We have been doing this mostly anyway, but sometimes I feel myself start to slack, especially with me and my DH. Why is it that I make the kids eat better than me? Anyway, it works out well for all. We usually have home made granola, oatmeal or an occasional egg for breakfast with a banana and a whole grain bread. Lunch is mostly veggies, such as veggie tacos or subs. Today I am trying something new, eggplant BLT's. You slice the eggplant thin and marinade it, then dehydrate it for 24 hours. Will come out crisp and have a bacon like quality with no nitrates! Dinners here are mostly low carb meals. So with that said here is a peek at this weeks menu at my house.

Sat: Home made pizza (one cheese/one ham and pineapple) w/ peach salsa and tortilla chips ( from Wild Oats)

Sun: M-day, pork tenderloin (with my awesome meat rub) w/ stuffing and green beans

Mon: Home made crab soup w/ rainbow pasta salad

Tue: Crock pot meat loaf w/ mashed sweet potato and salad

Wed: Church/ mom's night off

Thur: Skillet Italian Casserole w/ salad and garlic bread

Fri: Spicy lentils w/ creamy new potatoes and grilled chicken breast

Other cooking this week includes but is not limited to......................... Home made soft tortillas, home made sauerkraut, eggplant "bacon", faux "corn dogs", home made graham crackers, and home made ranch dressing.

I encourage everyone to visit their local farmers market and support local efforts in eating healthy. What is cooking at your house this week?

Blessings, Beth Ann


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy! I always make a meal menu too. I love to be organized. :o)

Danielsen5 said...

Thanks for your support Ruby. Checked out your blog, cute cat! We have about 3-4 siames in my neighborhood. Always very pretty, to bad I am alergic to cats. Thinking ferrets, but have my hands full with crippled doxin.

Blessings, Beth

P.s. You going to post your menu's, maybe we can swap!