Saturday, May 03, 2008

whats for dinner this week?

Hi all! We survived the storms and tornadoes last night and are gearing up for another wonderful week in middle TN! Remember my week runs from Sat. to Fri. No good reason why, just a hold over from when I worked retail. Here is what our menu this week looks like:

Sat: Home made pizza (photo at left) with salad

Sun: Mushroom Beef in a cream sauce over brown rice with mixed steam veggies on the side

Mon: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sirloin stew with bread machine Mexican corn bread and into pie (never made this before but hear it taste like pecan pie)

Tue: slow cooker Maui chicken (from last week ~ DH took me out to dinner after we camped) served over brown rice with steamed carrots on the side

Wed: Church/mom's night off!

Thurs: Crock pot pork chops with stuffing and green beans

Fri: Parmesan chix wings (my ds most favorite meal) with Spanish rice and salad

Other cooking this week at my house is, but not limited too................ Home made bread, made spinach garlic bread last night. I have an awesome no fat/no oil bread machine cookbook that I enjoy using. We also made home made bread machine bagels last night. My oldest ds has learned to make these to perfection! I am still having problems working this crazy thing, so I accidentally posted the bagel pics at the top, sorry. Anyway that is my son you making them and baking them. I will also make about 4 loaves of reg. bread for toast and what not. I will also make home made ranch dressing and white sauce. When ever a recipe calls for canned soup (aka ~ sodium in a can) I make my own white sauce in place of it. I save a ton of money as food cost rise and never once has anyone noticed, matter of fact everyone usually rave over these meals such as the tuna casserole I made for lunch yesterday. As always, if you have any questions or want any recipes just post and let me know. I am only to happy to share any info with you all!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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