Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Caution: Animal worker in the house

A word of caution to all parents of perspective animal doctors - don't let anyone know! My son has wanted to be a veterinarian since he was four. He has been working at the local animal clinic for a year now and loves it! We love hearing about cow uterus during dinner - not! Anyway, the point is he is getting pretty well known. People recognize him also as the skater boy who works at the clinic and as the kid who's dad works next door at the Zone - LOL There is a down side to all this notoriety. We had witnessed it with the Doc and his other employees, but we got our taste today. People dump their unwanted pets on your doorstep, literally! That is how we got our rescue guinea pig, someone left it in the Doc's driveway. Apparently there isn't much of a market for pigs with mange. Today it was our turn with a box full of three little white kittens. Got up this morning and they were in a small box by our mailbox. They look to be about 6 weeks old at the most. They are sooooo cute. Guess we will foster them. Those cats lucked out as they also looked to be about a week away from starvation and worms. My son took them in, checked them over, de-ticked them and cleaned them up. Gave them a good meal, warm kennel to sleep in and some panalog cream for the rear ends. Like I said, lucky cat. Course the pig is lucky too, it got mange shots and all the hay and alfalfa it can eat.

I was surprised by my own reaction to this event. I didn't get upset, just rolled with it as a side effect of living with a vet-to-be. DH wasn't mad either, matter of fact he said he was proud of ds. Maybe we need to by some acreage?

Here is one of the little white kittens we found this morning, two more just like her here as well - LOL

Here are two of the other kittens, sunning their buns on our back deck

Want a cute little fluffy white kitty of your own? Let me know, and remember to treat your animal care provider kindly!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm if the kitty is white with BLUE eyes, could they be Siamese? You know Siamese are all white at first. If the ears, face, feet, and tail start to turn darker, you could have a Meezer on your hands like mine. Oh what fun! They're great cats!! :D

...although I guess it would be silly to think someone would dump purebred cats off on your door step when they could sell them. Stranger things HAVE happened, though.