Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding picture Wednesday

I am soooo excited! There here! There here! Well, about 1/3 of them anyway. LOL My dd sent me some of the disc's with the wedding pic's on them today, and I have to share a few of my favorite. I will share more as I have time and they trickle in. I do want to point one thing out though; you will notice that my dd is a blond in these pictures. Not. She has the most beautiful red hair you have ever seen. Not sure why she dyed it, most be a kid thing (grin). No big deal, well not to me anyway. It did how ever stress out her baby sister who is only 4. We don't see much of oldest dd, 800 miles is pretty far to go to visit much, so we have plenty (and I mean plenty) of pictures around the house. Youngest dd loves looking at them and the ones of my grandson too. If you ask her, she will tell you that she has a big sister with red hair, just like her and her mommy! So . . . when we got there little dd was shocked into speechlessness, a feat never before achieved! That kid can talk. Took her almost a whole day to get over it. On the plus side, she and her twin spent that time playing with my grandson who is only 2 years younger than them. Soooooo cute! I think the twins missed him most when we left and vice verso with baby Jack. Imagine what trouble those three would get into if we lived closer!

Here is the wedding party from L to R ~ Friend L, middle dd, half/step-grand daughter K, Friend N, Step-grand daughter M, dd, groom M, grandson J, Friend S, Friend J and oldest ds Z

I Love this picture! DD K with her Nana

The happy new family. L to R ~ sgd M, dd K, gs J, groom M, hsgd K

Here is our entire crew. L to R ~ middle dd B, DH K, twin ds E, dd K, twin dd E, ds Z and me.

Yes, the wedding was outdoors and it was the most beautiful day in northern MI. We had worried since the night before it had rained pretty good, but God is good and sent the sun out to shine for us.

My dd and her new DH are a blended family and I don't want to keep saying half and step all the time. So sgd = step-granddaughter, hsgd = half/step-granddaughter and gs - grandson. Yes is a bit confusing, but only for a little while until you don't need the labels and you just call them all family.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

those pictures make me smile!

So glad you got to be there.