Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Happy Fall ya'll! Or is it happy day after first day of fall? Either way, greetings! Today I am grateful for, enough. Never wanting for or asking for more than - enough. God never gives us more than - enough.
At this point I would like to back up and address the gas shortage I mentioned in my last two posts. I have had a couple of people ask me about it. Why us and not other parts of the country? Well a quick geography lesson will suffice. We, as in Memphis through middle TN - Nashville, receive our gasoline from the Houston area. When hurricane Gustav hit, Houston suspended production for two weeks. I believe there were also at least two oil rigs adrift in the Gulf. That means we have to be trucked in by another source. Now East TN, Knoxville area, already was receiving their gas from an east coast pipeline. Is that why they are on Eastern time zone and we are Central? Hmmmm, no idea. Anyway, most stations were either only receiving half shipments as a courtesy or were not buying gas at the inflated price period. Everyone panicked and that caused people to stampede the stations and to stock pile gas.
With all that said, we had one close call, but had enough. Every time we get worried that we will run out, be it gas or food or money, we end up having enough. We don't have enough gas to go into the city everyday, but we don't NEED to. We don't eat steak at every meal or eat out every other day, we don't NEED to. We don't have extra money to buy new furniture or electronics, but we Do have a roof over our head. There is an old Sheryl Crow song that goes, happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have. AMEN.
As I sit here I can't think of one time that God let me down. Yes, there are times when I don't get what I want. But I have to remember that there is a huge difference between wants and needs. I remember the story of manna from heaven. They couldn't collect more than they needed, but they always had enough. I feel truly blessed to sit here and be able to say that my family has never been homeless, never missed a meal due to no food in the house, never gone without heat or electricity (few close calls though! LOL), never had to walk around in rags with no shoes on their feet and the list goes on and on by Gods grace. How many others can say this?
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Blessings, Beth Ann


Laura said...

He does always give us enough...usually even more than enough, we just fail to always recognize it! Thanks!

Jen said...

That is so well put. Thank you for the great reminder.