Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Greetings from a freshly rain cleaned TN, thanks to IKE. We definitely needed the rain, but feel bad for the folks in TX. The rain seems to have broken the humidity spell here and more typical fall like weather should start moving in soon.
Yesterday my friend brought me over a "previously loved" refrigerator. Ours hasn't been working right for almost a year. It rains inside. We emptied everything out and defrosted it, and DH looked it up and down but still couldn't find anything wrong with it. It actually got worse after we cleaned/defrosted it! Anyway, while DH was busy trying to fix it, I was busy checking out our local Craigslist and classifieds. We had good luck replacing our TV with one we found on Craigslist, but this time no. The prices were as high as a bottom of the line new one! That is my big pet peeve about sites like EBay and Craigslist, the prices most of the time are no cheaper, even on used. Anyway, sent out an S.O.S. to my friend and asked her to help me network. With in an hour someone from her church had one for us, praise the Lord! And it was free! God is so good! So today we are working on cleaning it up and should get the new one in place tomorrow. What will I do with all the free time I have since I won't be moping up the rain forest three times a day now? Cook! LOL

Here is the picture I promised of the pizza's I made in my RV when we were on the road to MI. One on left just came out of oven, one on right is getting ready to go in. Yes, had to cook them one at a time, it is an RV oven - LOL Still, some RV oven won't even hold a standard 9x13 pan, so we feel blessed. And it is so cool to be able to cook while driving!

Menus this past week-end got a little wonky with the fridge and taking the kids to the drive -in. Our town is real small, be we have a drive in movie theater. It is a real blessing since the prices are much cheaper than a regular theater, and we don't have to spend the gas to drive 30 miles into the city. This past week-end they ran a special, $10 a car load! How awesome is that? They ran 4 big summer blockbusters, which we had missed. So we loaded up everyone and went to see Kung Fu Panda (at Lysa TerKeurst recommendation) and stay to watch Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull. It was so much fun, although my but did go a little nume about an hour into the second movie. We even one a door prize during intermission. Was nervous staying that long with the twins, but we made them a little bed in the back of the durango after the Panda movie (4 year olds can only party so long) and they settled down. Such fun.

Here's a look at our menus this week:

Monday: Home made pizza w/salad (from last Sat.)

Tuesday: Chili Mac. w/carrot sticks and home made corn bread

Wednesday: Dinner at Church/Mom's night off

Thursday: Red beans & sausage soup w/ garlic bread sticks

Friday: Oven roasted chicken salad w/ coleslaw

Saturday: Hawaiian Pizza w/ fruit salad

Sunday: Salisbury patties w/ mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

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Blessings, Beth Ann

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