Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Greetings all, hope everyone is enjoying fall so far. Still real warm here in middle TN, but the humidity is down. We will be closing up our pool this week, even though we haven't used it since Labor Day. Just one more thing to do before heading on our annual vacation to South Carolina. We go to this little State Park on the Atlantic Ocean, and the kids talk about it all year long. You have to make your reservations by the first of February or you won't get in that year at all. We make sure to pay for the trip out of our tax returns every year in advance, other wise we would never have the money to go. This year we are still worried about gas. Heard just this morning that Atlanta is still out and it's not looking good anytime soon. Here we are squeaking by, but some stations are still running out or only having reg. We have to drive right through Atlanta in less than two weeks now, and are worried about the availability of being able to fill our RV up. We are praying so hard. This trip is sooo important to the kids and to us as a family. But we are still planning to go full speed ahead (good idea since already paid for huh?)! Stay tuned for some great on the road menus, which will be posted ahead since I will be away from the computer for about two weeks.
Menus this week at our house include:
Monday: Beef n' Celery stir fry w/brown rice and honey glazed carrots & pineapple corn muffins
Tuesday: Parmesan Chicken w/ whole wheat buttered noodles and steamed mix veggies
Wednesday: Church/Mom's night off
Thursday: Happy b-day B! Crock Pot nachos w/all the trimmings
Friday: Beef Stroganoff over whole wheat eggnoodles w/ pea's and carrots
Saturday: B's b-day party at pumpkin patch and dinner at local Mexican place, then home for cake and Oreo ice cream!
Sunday: Home made pizza w/ tossed salad
You can find more of menu planning Monday at
Blessings, Beth Ann


Briana @ Bargain Briana said...

How do you make crockpot nachos???

Anonymous said...

We'll be over fro cake and ice cream! LOL!