Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday lessons (a.k.a. Foo~isims)

Hi everyone. A beautiful day here in middle TN. Fall is in the air and a nice relaxing day is in the cards for our family, except DH who has to work. Shame how retail stores are in the habit of being open on Sundays now. I will however spare you the , "I remember when I was a kid and nothing was open on Sunday's speech". LOL
I wanted to share with you a little antidote that happened on the way to church this morning and serves as a great reminder for those of us who have kids or are around kids. . . . As we pulled in this morning DH was telling me something or other that I can't even remember now, but Dh looks at me and asks, "are you ready"? I replied yes, just waiting for you to get my door. He does this on a regular basis (I taught him how on our first date), just must have slipped his mind while telling me his story. This entails him reaching over and releasing my seat belt and then jumping out and going around to open my door, then offering a hand for me to dismount our ginormous SUV (thank goodness for running boards). Well this morning as this is happening I hear my youngest dd yell at her twin brother, "get my seat"! He is oblivious and keeps playing a game boy left in the back by his big bro. She repeats the request, louder and more frantic this time, as mom and dad are now out of the Durango. Third time was the charm! As we opened the back door, he was reaching over to undo her booster seat belt. Now I don't know if he did it because it was the right thing to do, or if her screaming interrupted him playing Tetris (which is hard even if your not four). I personally believe that he is just conditioned after only 4 years and the 9 months as womb mates to jump when she says (screams) jump! LOL She is 2 minutes younger, 2 inches shorter and 5 pounds lighter than her twin; but she is in charge! She is the brains of the operation and he is the bronze.
Anyway, the lesson here is that this served as a great reminder that your kids watch you and mimic you. Doesn't matter if it is big or small events, your their roll models, their mentors. It is soooooo easy to forget this in the day to day business of life. I am just glad this was a pleasant reminder. Not one of those episodes where they say something. . . . undesirable, and you have to ask yourself, "do I say that"? And if so, do I say it so much that the kids just think it acceptable?
Oh, and about the Foo in the title . . . that is her nickname. Like in the song, "Little bunny foo-foo, running through the forest......". So she answers to her name, a short version of her name and she answers to just "Foo" too. She has a million Fooisimis, could be a new regular feature here seeing as how she has an opinion on everything. Not sure where she gets that from! ROFL Glad her twin is the strong silent type, they really are ying/yang. (that is for Ria who is China crazy)
Blessings, Beth Ann

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