Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Whats up Wendsday ~ Twin Teeth

Greetings from our homesteading city lot! LOL Just checking in and still trying to recover from our trip. No, still don't have the picture thing ready yet. DD is now telling me it will be at least another week before she can get me the pictures that she forgot to give me before we left. I asked her, but they had been forgotten at the reception. Oh, well. Just means God STILL needs me to work on my patients. Which is a lesson I worked on today in two fold.
Today was the twins first dentist appointment ever! The appointment it self was great! The technician was great with the kids and they weren't scared at all. They had been two or three times with the older kids, so they knew the drill. Girl twin summed it up best when she said, just give me the stuff! All she cared about was the stickers and a new toothbrush! Ahhhhh, don't you long for the days when all it took to make it a good day was a new toothbrush? Maybe we should work on recapturing that? I know I need to.
The working on my patients came while waiting for the appointment to start. They told me the appt. was at nine ~ thirty. Well ten came and went, nothing. So when DH asked what the hold up was, we were told the appt. was actually at ten but they wanted us to come in early for paper the work. The paper work that took only five minuets? Have they no idea how hard it is to entertain two four year olds in a office with only one toy and one VHS that we already have at home? Anyway, it worked out fine. The twins were good and after I grumbled a bit I settled down and practiced.
It's like Morgan Freeman says, if you pray for patients God doesn't just zap you with it. No, he gives you opportunities to practice it. Thank you Evan Almighty. We just love that movie and watched it again while we were on the road, that and RV, another classic. I believe my most favorite part is how Evan wants to change the world and thinks the best way is through government ~ HA! At the end he finds out that the Ark in not only a metaphor but an acronym as well. You actually can change the world for the better with ARK: one ACT of Random Kindness at a Time = ARK. Cool huh? So remember that the next time you think what your doing isn't big or important. I know I have seen this miracle working in my own life. It's wonderful when you get to the point where you can look back and see how one thing rolled into something bigger, a snowball effect if you will. Can you tell I have been talking to God alot since we got back? Enough of my preaching. Have a great day!
Blessings, Beth Ann
P.S. No cavities for the twins either!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not the best with patience either!

Anonymous said...

Glad your WEDNESDAY ;) went well! My little one did well at his first dentist appointment back in May. Big sigh of relief!

Looking forward to pictures!!!!!!

God bless! :)